One needs only to go out in public to see young and old alike glued to their screens Vining, Graming and Tweeting. Social media, in its myriad forms, is practically ubiquitous in today’s society, and brands are catching on to the world of opportunity that this presents. This opportunity though can create more questions than answers. Navigating all the available platforms, their uses and audiences and how to translate messages across each platform can be more challenging than it’s worth. Our approach to social media is to intelligently extend your branding, building on your already established marketing foundation to complement what you’re already doing and engage more of your audience.

Our Social Media Process

How do we get started?

Unlike many Facebook conversations, our social media process starts with patient, thorough research. We spend time gathering data to help you target your communication. Who is using which social platforms and what are they using them for? How are the best brands leveraging those channels and how do users interact with them? What topics are most tweeted, liked, shared, upvoted and favorited?

This research then helps us identify the sweet spot of opportunity. Which topics are overrepresented by brands and in which channels? Which topics are users talking about that brands are ignoring? When we can answer these questions with supporting data, we uncover the empty space where brands can own highly relevant conversations through impactful content.

When we work to identify and execute on these conversations, we make sure strategy is at the core. We not only seek to find the right space for brands in social, but also to directly tie it back to business goals. We believe every marketing effort should make sense when pit up against your brand goals, and have a measureable ROI.

What do we put together?

Once our research is we create several tools to help frame up the long-term marketing plan. This includes a content calendar that gives an overarching view of all pieces of content scheduled to be posted on social media. This content calendar can exist on its own or as a component of a broader, multichannel calendar including website or blog content and paid media campaigns.

In addition to a calendar encompassing posts and channels, we also make sure to define a measure of success. We will track and analyze the performance of brand content in social channels, including data on both the performance of posts shared by the brand, as well as data on brand content shared by users.

What do you get out of our Social Media services?

If you want to have a relevant conversation with your users in a location where they already spend their time, then having a social media strategy speaks for itself. We’ll help you plan for these conversations, right down to the topic, format and channel, and then work with you to define a measure of success, continually tracking engagement and tweaking content to reflect your goals. And this is where it gets really good –you want us to handle all of this from start to finish? No problem! You want us to help develop the strategy and then pass off the ongoing execution to you? Works for us! Let’s create a plan that fits for your company.