Paid Search is a great channel for brands looking to target potential customers while they are searching for relevant products or services. It’s the perfect hybrid between push and pull digital marketing. Once brands have a solid marketing foundation with defined goals and an engaging website, pay-per-click advertising (PPC) can be an effective way to build immediate visibility and awareness of your brand or product.

Our Paid Search Process

How do we get started?

We take a methodical and deliberate approach to paid search to ensure that brands spend their advertising dollars efficiently. This means that we won’t settle for sending mass amounts of untargeted visitors to your website that aren’t engaging with your content. Instead of focusing on clicks, we track those clicks to conversions. This allows our clients to accurately measure the value that paid search marketing provides.

Before we start creating any ad campaigns we evaluate the market through keyword research and competitive analysis to identify areas of opportunity for our clients. The discovery phase can help us forecast needed budget and strategies in order for our clients to be successful.

What do we put together?

After our research and analysis has helped us pinpoint the best opportunities for the brand, we move into the execution phase. This means creating highly-targeted ad messaging within Google and Bing’s search results. It also means taking necessary steps to track ROI before ever launching a campaign.

Once our efforts are live and begin to gather data, we are consistently testing ad copy and keyword targeting against website performance indicators to achieve maximum efficiency with the campaign.

What do you get out of our PPC services?

When you pursue both paid and organic search efforts in tandem, it’s like a one-two punch for getting that game-changing visibility with your audience. We understand the nuances of both channels and how to maximize them both as separate and combined components of your digital marketing strategy. You’ve built a solid brand foundation and website; now let us help get your company in front of all the users already looking for exactly what you offer.