With so many digital destinations and technological habits of today’s consumer, creating a content plan to become an engaging, relevant brand across channels and devices can be overwhelming, not to mention complicated. How do you leverage social media channels? How do you know what content should go where? What do you do about mobile devices and applications? That’s where content strategy comes into play. We help you develop a strategy to communicate with your consumer in all the right places, building on your brand’s foundation and leveraging the full potential of each channel.

Our Content Strategy Process

How do we get started?

We believe the beginning is the best place to start (cue song from Sound of Music). We sit down with our clients, identify their key goals and objectives, gather behavior data on their target consumer and perform research activities to analyze the current assets and understand the industry. These inputs become our building blocks to create a research-based strategic plan that ladders back up to business goals, while also taking into account the needs and restrictions of each digital channel.

What do we put together?

First off, we thoroughly analyze available data to help us highlight common—and telling— user behavior trends. For example, we look at the user behavior trends on your website and compare the current behaviors against the ideal behaviors to highlight the gaps in the existing experience. We also pair up your content with analytics data across your web site and social channels to see how different pieces of your content perform over time. This helps us identify what resonates with your audience and what needs to be tweaked.

Once we’ve spent a copious amount of time poring over the details of our research, we wrangle our insights into the shape of a strategic content plan through careful application of our discovery research.

This plan answers the following questions:

  • How can we make the existing content more accessible, useful or relevant without reinventing the wheel?
  • What are the needs and intent of your users and each stage in their journey, and how can your site navigation create a logical and positive experience for your consumers?
  • What are the content gaps your users currently experience, and what content can help to make sure consumers have all the right information available to them to get from point A to B, without falling off somewhere in the process?
  • Which topics are most relevant to your users? What format of delivery and in which channels will resonate most?

What do you get out of our Content Strategy services?

When the heavy lifting is done –the research performed, the data analyzed, the insights incorporated—you’re left with a made-just-for-you content plan that works while saving you time and money. We’ll have a road map clearly marked with the best messages to reach your particular audience in the formats and channels they most prefer with a plan in place to measure and optimize performance over time.