It’s no secret that at Consilium we are data nerds. We believe data should drive marketing decisions, and will happily talk all day long about why that is. The insight we can glean from analytics data is powerful. How are people finding your brand? What do they do when they get to your website? What are the most common paths and the barriers to conversion? Imagine knowing hard data to support the answers to those questions, and then being able to apply the insights to make a better site experience for your users! It’s a win-win for all parties. At Consilium, we always let the data tell the story –we just listen and then act.

Our Analytics Process

How do we get started?

When it’s available, we like to spend time looking at analytics data for any existing web properties. This helps us identify content that is currently performing well, where there may be gaps in the user journey, as well as overall health of the user experience.

We use this data and our insights to pinpoint the opportunities that will make the biggest impact, and then incorporate those changes into website updates or redesigns. After implementing these changes, we’ll continue to monitor the behavior of users on the site to make ongoing optimizations.

What do we put together?

While much of the effort of diving into analytics doesn’t produce a tangible deliverable, there are many insights to be gleaned from spending a lot of quality time with the data from your website, social media channels, and paid media campaigns. There are of course the metrics that reflect a site’s health, such as how many visits you received, how many users left immediately after arriving, and what is the average time spent on the site? And then there’s a level deeper of mapping out the most common paths your consumers are taking through your site to identify any barriers to conversion, as well as easy improvements that can be made to the navigational path.

While you might not see all the raw data, expect to see digestible dashboard reports. Ongoing reports cover basic performance elements such as traffic analysis, engagement metrics, device usage, conversions, etc. Looking at this data over extended periods of time, as well as quarter over quarter or year over year, helps illustrate performance trends and provide insight for further optimizations.

What do you get out of our Analytics services?

Analytics is a beautiful thing. On the front end, you get to see exactly what supports our marketing ideas and why the efforts make sense. But as we start to implement our efforts, you get even more. How about peace of mind that your efforts are paying off? Consider it a done deal. You get rich insights into how your users engage with you that cycles back into future optimizations, so you know we’re always moving forward.