Your Digital Marketing, Strategically

At Consilium Interactive, we are not solely interested in tactical execution. Our approach to any client work is first and foremost strategic. We aim to build you a cohesive, multichannel approach to digital marketing, leveraging all the appropriate channels that make sense for your brand.

The core of our approach is to truly understand your business objectives and the needs and behaviors of your specific audience. The cross-section where user and business needs meet is the opportunity for your business to shine. We find the right channels and content that will engage your audience in an effective way that ladders up to your business goals.

Let us help you strategically build and execute on your digital marketing plan.

Our Approach

When we build a strategic marketing plan, we keep the customer experience in mind. Let’s pause a moment and talk about customer experience. That might not be a term you’ve heard before. While still somewhat new terminology, it’s quickly being adopted to describe the entire experience a customer has with a brand—the interaction at every point, on every channel and device. It takes a lot of effort to build a solid customer experience where each touch point maintains a consistent message and delivers a positive interaction. But doing this can separate your brand from the pack and build a loyal consumer base.

It is easy for brands to fall into the trap of creating a collection of marketing tactics rather than a cohesive, multichannel strategic marketing plan. The former creates a disjointed customer experience and can leave brands with a little lighter pocketbook, but no further along in reaching their audiences. The latter, when done correctly, can create a positive customer experience with your audience members, across channels and on all devices. The goal: be where your users are, with a strategic channel plan in place to match the intent of each interaction regardless of channel or device. The reward: establish brand equity, beat your competition and create loyal customers.

This is where Consilium is at its best. We want to help build a strategic approach to marketing for all our clients and leave them with the tools to continue to execute on it even after we’re gone. We believe in a collaborative approach strengthened with transparency.

Here’s how it works:

  1. We sit down with you to understand your key business goals and objectives
  2. We research to understand the key needs and intent of your audience
  3. We craft a tailored strategic marketing plan for your brand that outlines the path to engage your audience